Xroose WX4 Large 9 inch Backup Camera System

Xroose WX4 | Xroose WX4 Large 9 inch Backup Camera System | Built-in Recorder Wireless Backup Camera | Rear View Camera with Advanced Wireless Technology | IP69 Level Waterproof | 16 IR LED Lights Design | Built-in 32GB SD Card | and more …

Let us find out what the Xroose WX4 backup camera offers for its users. It comes with a high-speed observation system and delivers smooth signals at high speed. If you have a vehicle with a range under 60ft, you can buy this backup camera system confidently.

You can enjoy many benefits when you install this dashcam on your vehicle. Equipped with the most advanced latest point-to-point digital wireless signal reception technology, the Xroose WX4 backup camera guarantees strong signal reception. Above all, you don’t need to worry about any interference and signal loss.

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The ultra-high-definition large screen offers a crystal clear view. Therefore, your eyes stay relaxed due to exceptional picture quality. You will be amazed by the viewing experience offered by the 9 types of split-screen mode.

How Xroose WX4 Compares To Other Models

Let us compare the Xroose WX4 backup camera to the Xroose FY04 reverse camera. You can find the screen size of the former 2 inches larger than the latter. This difference guarantees a better viewing experience for you. However, the industrial design of the Xroose FY04 dashcam seems better compared to the WX4 version.

Okay, so we have given you a basic overview of this dashcam; but what about its performance on the market? Xroose made this device available on the market first time on March 4, 2020. Many people are giving a high rating to the performance of the Xroose WX4 backup camera.

It weighs 5.59 pounds. The package dimensions are 12 x 9.8 x 3.5 inches.

So, we are reviewing the WX4 dashcam to check what it actually offers for the users. You can read this review to make an informed buying decision. We follow an honest method of approach. You don’t need to bother about any misleading information.

Neatly Designed And High-performing Backup Cam

The overall design of this cam does not look bad at all. On the other hand; it certainly looks good. The neat design does not interfere with the look and function of your vehicle. It almost stays invisible and works as our trusted companion on the road.

One of the major attractions of this device is its built-in recorder that captures images perfectly. The High-speed digital stable signal observation system makes Xroose WX4 camera an ideal choice for your vehicle. Reversing becomes optimally safe with this feature.

Are you looking for a backup camera that keeps the wireless signals smooth and clear even when the car is running at 75 miles/hour? Look no farther than the Xroose WX4 model. It offers the best protection against losing signals when you are on the road. Many existing customers say that driving becomes an enjoyable and safe experience with this backup camera.

You don’t have to worry about fuzzy pictures when you use the Xroose WX4 backup camera. The 9-inch ultra high definition large screen makes viewing unbelievable easy. There is a CCD chip on this device. With the chip, two million pixels, and 1080p resolution; you can enjoy bright-colored picture quality along with crystal clear images.

Admirable Flexibility And Safety

The rearview camera works perfectly on vehicles with a range under 60ft. If you love driving, you will certainly fall in love with this dashcam. Offering four-channel systems with 9 types of split-screen mode, makes driving amazingly convenient and comfortable.

You can view the surroundings at 360 degrees with the rearview and side-view cameras. As mentioned above, the four modes help you rotate the viewing angle of the images. 97% of dead spots are covered to make driving extremely safe.

Let us check how this backup camera performs in bad weather conditions. It comes with an IP69 Level Waterproof rating to ensure supreme functionality on rainy days. The built-in recorder and 32GB SD memory card make storage higher. You may be interested in knowing about the maximum storage limit. Well, the maximum storage of this system is 128GB.

You can find specially designed 16 IR LED lights on the Xroose WX4 backup camera. This feature guarantees a perfect rearview angle compared to other products available on the market. Further, you can easily format and rewrite on this device. It supports loop recording and saves the footage when your car meets with an accident on the road.

Are you feeling relieved to hear all these details? There is more to come. This Xroose model shows admirable flexibility and is compatible with a broad range of vehicles. You can mount it on a pickup truck, RV, semi-truck, trailer, motorhome, camper, and tractor. It is also a good choice for a cargo van, school bus, box truck, 5th wheel, motorhome, and even for a boat.


  • Strong signal reception without any interference
  • 9-inch Ultra high definition large screen
  • Easy to format and rewrite
  • High waterproof rating
  • Easy installation


  • Not perfectly compatible for vehicles range under 60ft
  • Temperature resistance could have been better
  • Limited wide view angle

Xroose WX4 – Easy And Fast Installation

Well, everything sounds good. What about the installation? Can I mount this backup dashcam easily on my device? Many people are concerned about these aspects while buying a dashcam for their vehicles. Some models available today can only be installed using professional help.