Xroose X2 Wireless No Interface IP69 Waterproof 7″ Wireless Monitor Backup Camera System

Xroose X2 Wireless Backup Camera is a modern, reliable device that offers astounding benefits to RV and truck drivers who want to stay safe during their road trips. If you are looking for a reliable backup dash cam that comes with a dedicated kit, this high-end model from Xroose X2 is worth considering.

The Xroose X2 wireless camera for RVs and trucks makes use of modern capabilities and advanced wireless technology to help you enjoy smooth recordings and clear signals at any speed. You can ride as fast as 75 miles per hour and still enjoy astounding clear footage.

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Xroose X2 Wireless Backup Camera – Overall Capabilities

This modern camera operates without any interference because it is totally wireless. There is no signal loss, so you get to enjoy continuous footage.

Xroose X2 features IP69 waterproof capabilities and can be successfully used in any weather. It is also equipped with no less than 12 infrared sensors, which give it astounding night recording capabilities. Note that this backup camera comes with a super large 170-degree recording angle and can be rotated at 360 degrees.

It offers full HD 1080p recordings on its 7” large monitor and comes with all the installation kits necessary for any type of vehicle.

You can successfully install it on any type of vehicle, starting from SUVs and 4x4s to land cruisers, pickup trucks, RVs, cars, buses, or even on industrial vehicles such as heavy trucks, hydraulics, wheeler bulldozers, backhoe loaders, forklifts, or excavator.

Xroose X2 Wireless Backup Camera – Performance

In terms of performance, the Xroose X2 backup camera is totally wireless. It works flawlessly without the use of wireless adapters or cables. In fact, the wireless performance is better than what ZEROXCLUB W01 or Auto Vox W2 has to offer.

Xroose X2 comes with a patented wireless technology that allows you to enjoy smooth image clarity with no interference’s, even when driving at over 75 mph. It works even for campers longer than 45 feet.

For example, you can use it on a camper long of 50 feet. The monitor is at the front of the camper, while the camera in the back. The quality of the signal is excellent, even when you catch over 70 miles per hour on highways.

However, if you’re going over 75 mph, and the distance between the monitor and the camera is 50 feet, the signal might get distorted. Nevertheless, as said before, the Xroose X2 backup camera is one of the best backup cameras when it comes to signal strength.

Recording Capabilities

Another aspect, in addition to the signal strength, that you will get to love about this backup camera is the astounding recording capability. The camera records in full HD, at 1080 pixels. The 7-inch large screen is perfect for enjoying the high-quality image.

The contrast of the Xroose X2 backup camera is excellent, while the footage during the night is as good as it gets. Of course, it could have been equipped with more than just 12 infrared sensors, but 12 are still better than none.

One camera that offers better performance during the night is the Emmako digital wireless backup system. This modern camera is equipped with 24 IR sensors and has a great resolution of 800 TV lines.

Wide View Angle Design

Another aspect about the Xroose X2 backup camera you will fall in love with is the wide view angle design. This camera records seamlessly at 170 degrees, leaving you with no dead spots. You get a full view and a great angle on everything that happens in the back of your vehicle.

Xroose X2 – IP69 Waterproof Design

The Xroose X2 camera is totally weatherproof. The IP69 rating allows it to work ceaselessly during severe storms, heavy rains, snow, or any other elements.

You will be able to park your motor home or 4×4 in any light and weather conditions. You can even see perfectly behind you when driving at over 60 mph on the motorway.

Xroose X2 Wireless Backup Camera – Use it Right Away

As if all the features highlighted above are not enough, this backup camera comes equipped with all the installation accessories you need. You can install it right away. No hassle, no worry. You can equally uninstall it in a matter of minutes and set it up on another vehicle.

Bottom Line

This modern backup camera released in 2018 will definitely continue to be a good buy in 2019 and beyond. In addition to its durable construction and great design, it comes equipped with an impressive 7” LCD and a camera that records in full HD. It displays high-definition footage and has astoundingly clear pictures even at high speeds.

Use it successfully on any long vehicle and never worry again about parking during the night or parking sideways in tight spaces.