Yakry Digital Wireless 2 Backup Camera for RVs/Trailers/Trucks/Motorhomes/5th Wheels

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The Yakry digital wireless 2 backup camera is a backup camera that is a perfect fit for SUV, truck, trailer, and even camper drivers. This system is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, ranging from small cars and 4×4 to large pickups, 5th wheels, vans, campers, and motorhomes.

This camera comes with a very good signal that does not flicker at high speeds. If your vehicle is under 60 feet, you can enjoy a stable signal at speeds of over 100 mph. However, if your vehicle is between 60 and 80 feet long, you might experience flickers at high speeds.

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This system is a wireless one, so you can enjoy all the perks offered by wireless backup systems. It is very easy to install and mount, it can be mounted on pretty much any vehicle and it can also work as a means to keep an eye outdoors when your camper is parked during hikes or mount trips.

However, it doesn’t have the stable signal offered by wired backup cameras. Moreover, it does not come with a unique design. The Yakry digital wireless 2 backup camera looks just like any other backup system available on the market.

What really sets this unit apart in its niche is the high-quality full HD monitor, the option to have a split/quad screen, the option to add up to 4 cameras to it, and the possibility to record and save the footage. Without further ado, let’s dive deeper into the features and benefits of this advanced backup camera system.

Easy Installation of Yakry Digital Wireless 2 Backup Camera

Because this camera is wireless, installing it is a breeze. No need to spend precious minutes trying to run cables between your monitor and the backup camera. If you drive an SUV with a trailer, mounting the camera on the back of a trailer could be a nightmare if you choose a wired camera.

However, thanks to the wireless connectivity, you can easily set up the Yakry backup camera on any vehicle. Just connect the monitor to the power supply, connect the rear camera to the taillight or any other power supply and you are good to go.

The same goes true if you choose to use four cameras. All need to be connected to a power source in order for them to work.

When setting up the monitor, you can choose between two types of mount methods. You can go with the standard bracket +3M adhesive or the fan-shaped base. Regardless of your choice, you can enjoy the 360-degree rotation of the bracket.

You can also replace the bracket if you want. You have the freedom to add other brackets to this system and mount the cameras whenever you want.

Standard Design

In terms of looks, this device is just like any other backup camera. However, there are a select few backup cameras that are in a class of their own. For example, the backup camera from Karsuite M7 looks absolutely fantastic and can dramatically enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

Nevertheless, this backup camera from Karsuite is only compatible with a reduced number of vehicles, mostly sedans, and 4×4, because of the low voltage range.

Yakry Digital Wireless 2 Backup Camera has Great Recording Quality

The Yakry digital wireless 2 backup camera stands out from the crowd by offering extremely good recording quality. Few similar cameras can get to full HD recording quality. A good example is Fookoo II HD, a very similar device.

The 7” monitor displays the recording in real-time with no delay whatsoever. Thanks to the full HD resolution, you can enjoy above-the-average quality and clarity.

The monitor is also equipped with a stability sensor, so you can enjoy flawless images regardless of the turbulences. The cameras benefit from IP69K waterproofing standard, plus they withstand temperatures of between -4 degrees Fahrenheit up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

Add to that the 6-glass lens and advanced night vision and you got a very reliable recording system that does its job flawlessly and never disappoints. The cameras have a 150-degree viewing angle and can work with a voltage of between 12V and 36V.

Night Vision & Parking Lines

To help you park like a pro, this system comes equipped with both great night vision and parking lines. You can turn the guidelines on and off.

If you choose to park during the night, you can rest assured that you won’t scratch your car or motorhome at all. Even if you have to park under difficult circumstances, such as heavy snow, rain, or a pitch-black environment, you can enjoy the reliable cameras to see perfectly outside.

Each camera is equipped with 16 IR LED lights, so you can perfectly see whatever lies outside. Because of the unique infrared induction feature, you get to enjoy superior imaging and flawless details.

Top Features & Multiple Cameras

The most important feature of the Yakry digital wireless 2 backup camera is the adaptability and option to add 4 unique cameras. The screen can be split into four, so you get to see all 4 recordings in real-time.

You can also flip the image and choose between the rear mirror, facing upside down, or mirror upside down. Note that these modes only work on one image at a time.

Inside the package, you can find two cameras, but you can purchase another two from the same manufacturer. If you have 4 in total, you can use them to protect your vehicle, shed, RV, or even your home. You can leverage the wireless feature and use these cameras in any way you want, including CCTV cameras.

The Bottom Line

Yakry digital wireless backup camera is a device that has already been available out there for over one year and a half. It was released in July 2018 and has already been tried by thousands of customers in the US and tens of thousands all across the globe.

This is a good fit for you if need a reliable backup camera or you need four cameras. Whether you have a truck, RV, van, or even tractor, you can use this system to keep tabs on what’s happening outside. All you need to ensure is that the voltage of your vehicle falls in the range of 12V-36V.

Yakry Digital Wireless 2 Backup Camera Technical Support

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