Yakry YA27S HD 1080P Digital Wireless 4 Backup Cameras

Yakry YA27S HD | Digital wireless system with 4 cameras | IP69K Waterproof | Super Night Vision | Backup lines can be switched on/off | and more …

Yakry YA27S HD backup camera is a popular choice among truck and trailer drivers. If you are looking to find a wireless backup camera that provides stable images and excellent clarity, you can certainly consider this product.

Equipped with four cameras, this Yakry model offers a front view, side view, and rear view. It comes many remarkable functional benefits to make driving safe, and enjoyable. ABC is the material used to make the housing of this product.

Compared to Yakry FHD 1080P Digital Wireless 2 backup camera, the power range, and LED IR night vision of the Yakry YA27S HD backup camera are a bit better. However, the touch buttons of the Yakry FHD 1080P camera seem to be more user-friendly than the Yakry YA27S.

The dependence on the side-view mirror can be easily avoided when you use this rearview camera system. It guarantees a clear vision during the day and night. This product also comes with an amazing wide-angle design.

The release date of the Yakry YA27S HD wireless 4 Backup Camera was June 2, 2019. Within a short span of one year, it has become an integral part of many motorhomes, trailers, RVs, 5th wheels, and truck owners. This wireless backup camera weighs 7.33 pounds. The package dimensions are 10.2 x 10 x 6.1 inches.

So in this Yakry YA27S HD review, we will analyze the merits and demerits of the product using an unbiased approach. Our review is a genuine attempt to help potential buyers make well-informed decisions.

Yakry YA27S HD – Admirable Image Stability and Excellent Vision

The image stability of this device is really admirable. You don’t have to worry about any interference when you use this backup camera. Equipped with 4 cameras, this digital wireless system keeps on delivering steady images. Four cameras can be controlled simultaneously with effortless ease.

In addition to stability, you can expect excellent vision during the day and night. The four cameras offer clear front, side, and rear views while the vehicle is on the move. It comes with an adjustable screen ratio of 16:9.

You can find 18 LED IR night vision on this digital wireless backup camera. CCD sensor display also plays a vital part in making images crystal clear. All these wonderful features display images at high definition up to 1080P.

The wireless open area working range of this backup camera goes up to 984 feet. The display component is a color TFT LCD. Yakry YA27S HD is designed with 18 infrared light and a CCD sensors. This device displays images at high definition up to 1080P. The infrared induction automatically turns on the lamp when the light is dark.

Switchable Monitoring Modes and Perfect Elimination of Blind Spots

You can switch monitoring modes to either single or split-screen. To get the best viewing angle, you can secure the monitor in preferred locations.

The monitor is powered by the cigarette lighter power adapter. The adapter comes with an on/off switch. You also have the option of wiring it to a power supply directly. The backup lines turn on and off when needed.

There is no need to use the side mirror for reversing or parking when you install Yakry YA27S HD on your vehicle. It is capable of eliminating blind spots perfectly. The low light night vision feature makes sure that the camera precisely discovers objects even during low light or at night.

Better Viewing Angle and Outstanding Protective Feature

Smart buyers always give the utmost importance to the viewing angle of a backup camera. Yakry YA27S HD camera comes with 150-degree wide-angle lenses.

The amazing wide-angle design on this backup camera system makes driving a lot more comfortable and safer for drivers. The horizontal viewing angle is 120º. The diagonal viewing angle of this product is 170º. You can expect a visible range of up to 90%.

You don’t need to worry about any camera damage when it comes to combating bad weather. This Yakry model has an IP69K waterproof camera that offers the best protection against bad weather.

Yakry YA27S HD – High Compatibility With a Wide Spectrum of Vehicles

In addition to offering all these benefits, this backup camera can be mounted on various types of vehicles. The compatibility of this device is very high. You can buy it for a car, truck, pickup, trailer, van, RV, camper, 5th wheel, or motorhome without worrying about the compatibility.

If you own four vehicles, you just need to buy only one Yakry YA27S HD camera system. As mentioned above, the package contains four cameras. After hooking one camera to each vehicle, you can move the monitor to supervise each vehicle. It is a good choice for reverse or high-speed observation.

Simple Installation and Excellent Customer Support

The installation process of this backup camera system is extremely simple. Without seeking professional assistance, you can mount this system on your vehicle. You can attach the monitor to the dash easily. It can be done easily by utilizing a suction cup accessory.

You can also place a special request for a longer antenna cable. Yakry does not charge any extra fee for offering a longer cable.

The manufacturer also offers timely tech support for all customers. You don’t need to bother about any unwanted delays in receiving answers or solutions to your questions or issues. The two-year warranty program safeguards the interests of the buyers effectively.


  • High image stability and clarity
  • Top-quality night vision and resolution technology
  • Switchable monitoring modes
  • Amazing wide-angle design
  • Great performance in all weather conditions


  • The recording feature is missing
  • No rust protection is available
  • Installation of four cameras may cause some confusion

Final Words

However, in conclusion, the Yakry YA27S HD wireless backup camera system is a very good choice for cars, trucks, motorhomes, trailers, RVs, vans, and campers. This product comes with several useful and innovative features. The performance of this device can be termed as exceptional.

Apart from being a highly functional and flexible backup camera system, this Yakry model is extremely durable. You can mount this camera easily and effortlessly as well.

Technical Info

FHD 1080P Digital Wireless Cameras with 4 cameras 7 inch Monitor Vehicle Security System Features:

  1. Warm Hint: Bracket Adapter and Pigtail wire Plug compatible Furrion pre-wired Bracket and Power outlet can be provided according to your need.
  2. 4 Digital Wireless Backup cameras with a 7-inch monitor For use with trucks, cars, trailers, motor homes, 5th wheels, or SUVs
  3. 4 cameras provide improved blind spot Elimination.
  4. Cameras can be wired for backup or constant monitoring Monitor comes with a cigarette lighter adapter with an on/off switch or can be wired directly to the power source.
  5. 360° Rotation Bracket: 360°Rotation Bracket, Strong suction, and washable mount, the mount for the monitor are removable and reusable.
  6. Instruction manual and access to installation video on YouTube.Please contact us to get the link if you need it.

7″ Monitor Specification:

  • The product meets FCC/CE/RoHS/UL
  • Effective pixels: 1280*1024
  • Screen Size: 7 inch
  • Display Component: Color TFT LCD
  • Screen ratio: 16:9 adjustable
  • Housing Material: ABS
  • Video Frequency: PAL/NTSC
  • Power: DC 9V-35V

Rear view 4 Cameras Specification:

  • The cameras meet FCC, CE, RoHS, UL, IP6X standards
  • Resolution: 1080P
  • Lens Viewing Angle: 150 Degrees
  • Waterproof IP Rate: IP69K
  • Power: DC12V-24V

Package Includes:

  • 4 x Back up Cameras
  • 1 x 7 TFT Monitor
  • 5 x Antennas
  • 1 x Adapter&Screws
  • 5 x Power Cables
  • 8 x Mounting Brackets of Cameras
  • 2 x Mounting Brackets of Monitor
  • 1 x Charger Adapter with on/off
  • 1 x User Manual

Yakry YA27S HD – Technical Support

Excellent customer service is available at Yakry-Service@outlook.com