Yeddy Dual Backup Camera With Monitor Kit System

Dual Backup Camera | 170° wide viewing angle camera | 7″ monitor with super large HD(800*480) screen | IP68 &18 Infrared Lights | and more

Even though it is not as famous as other backup camera models, the Yeddy dual backup camera is growing in popularity day by day. The YD-1-2 model is an advanced, upgraded backup camera that offers peace of mind to truck drivers and RV drivers worldwide.

This new model released in October 2018 weighs 6.3 pounds and comes with the following dimensions: 11 x 7.9 x 6.8 inches. It is equipped with a large 7” HD TFT screen, 2 unique waterproof cameras, and a 20-meters extension cable.

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The whole system is perfectly designed to work for long vehicles such as busses, trailers, trucks, campers, 5th wheel, or even large industrial vehicles.

Thanks to the ultra-large view of 170 degrees, you can get a complete picture of the road behind and sideways. You can mount both cameras sideways to capture a full spectrum of 340 degrees.

Thanks to the ultra-large view of 170 degrees, you can get a complete picture of the road behind and sideways. You can mount both cameras sideways to capture a full spectrum of 340 degrees.

Yeddy Dual Backup Camera – High Quality Screen

One of the strongest aspects of this unit is the large 7” HD monitor. The screen has 800×480 pixels and 480 TV lines, providing you a better image clarity than the standard backup camera systems. One of the few similar systems that enjoy a better screen resolution is the well-famed Haloview MC7108, which boasts a 1024×600 full HD resolution and an IPS panel.

Nevertheless, the dual backup camera by Yeddy does an excellent job of providing you with sharp images. The monitor has 2 video inputs and is set up to turn on automatically when you are backing.

Amazing Recording

The monitor offers you high-quality images, but one important factor for that is the cameras, which both have 6-layered glass lenses. The CCD image sensor, 1/3 CCD chip, and 18 infrared lights make the cameras a true force of nature.

Speaking of nature, the cameras of the dual backup camera by Yeddy are both waterproof, with the IP68 international standard. They will work no matter the conditions outside and will be stick to your truck regardless of how windy or stormy the weather is.

In terms of recording range, you can set up the cameras as you seem fit. You can place one in the rear and one in front, to get a total of 340 degrees, or you can mount them sideways to get a full spectrum of footage in the rear and sideways.

However, remember that you need to connect the cameras to the reversing or front light for them to work. The whole setup process might seem tedious, but it’s doable, especially as you have the full support of the manufacturer and you have set up instructions in the box.

Yeddy Dual Backup Camera – Extras

Two extra pieces of equipment you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find in the box are the 20 meters aviation extension cable with 4 pins and the remote control. The cable allows you to mount the cameras in very long vehicles without losing the signal.

On the other hand, the remote control is excellent for controlling the camera if you are not behind the wheel. You can turn it on and off or switch the channel while staying outside and relaxing at the gas station.

Note that the monitor can only display one camera recording at a time. You can switch between cameras by pressing a button on the monitor, or on the remote.

Very Easy to Set Up

The dual backup camera by Yeddy comes with everything you need in order to properly set it up on any vehicle. The package contains the 2 cameras, the monitor, a bracket, a sticker, sun-shade, power cord, video cable, and several accessories.

In case you don’t seem to understand how to mount the unit, you can always call customer support from Yeddy. They provide you with quick support on how to set up the unit.

Moreover, they also give you 30 days to try the backup camera system. If you are not satisfied, they give you a full refund. The customer service from Yeddy deserves 5-stars, especially as they are just at their inception and are trying to prove themselves in this highly competitive market.

Night Recording Capabilities

The Yeddy dual backup camera is equipped with 2 high-end cameras. Each of these cameras is equipped with 18 infrared lights. This ensures that you get the highest possible recording quality in low-light environments. Backing up or parking your truck during the dark is now easier than ever.

Remember to switch between cameras when parking to become aware of any hidden obstacle. Especially in low light environments, you might miss important details if you are not focused enough. The cameras do their job, but it is your responsibility to ensure you are parking in a risk-free zone.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the Yeddy model YD-1-2 is a high-end backup camera that records flawlessly night and day. It can capture a total of 340 degrees of footage and has really good display quality. You can use it on any large vehicle, even on a yacht, thanks to the extended aviation cable.