Yuesem 2nd Wireless Backup Camera System

Yuesem 2nd | Second Generation Advanced Digital Wireless Rear View Camera | Monitor system has split-screen function | Waterproof Design | 149-degree view angle | and more

Yuesem 2nd 1080p is an upgraded digital wireless camera that has hit the market in May 2019. This product is the second-generation backup camera from Yuesem. It is specially designed to meet the needs of modern truck and RV drivers who want to use more than one camera at a time.

This backup system is equipped with an advanced wireless system observation kit, so you can use it to keep track of everything that happens outside your vehicle.

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You can mount up to 4 cameras to the monitor and easily switch between them, or you can split the screen in four and see all four recordings at the same time.

The fact that this unit is wireless makes it exceptionally easy to set up and to use. You can also use it during the night because the camera is equipped with 18 IR lights and an advanced CCD sensor.

However, it can only accommodate vehicles with a voltage range of between 12V and 24V. Other similar devices, such as the Fookoo Ⅱ HD, can work for vehicles with a voltage of between 9V and 36V. That’s a higher range than what the Yuesem 2nd can accommodate.

If your vehicle, whether it’s a truck, trailer, bus or RV, has a voltage lower than 12V or higher than 24V, you should probably purchase Fookoo Ⅱ HD instead of the Yuesem backup camera. In this Yuesem 2nd review, we’ll try to take a closer look at all the features and benefits offered by this modern backup camera.

Let’s start with the installation.

Is Yuesem 2nd Bacup Camera System Easy to Install?

Yuesem is a modern wireless camera system that is extremely easy to set up. Compared to a wired camera system like Fookoo Ⅱ HD, which can take up to an hour to mount, this system can be installed in a matter of minutes.

All you need to do is to plug the monitor into the cigarette lighter. You can do this with the car charger that you get in the box. Next, mount your camera in the rear of the car, close to the taillights. Use the power cables to connect the camera to the taillight.

To set up an additional camera, you can do it by connecting the new camera to another taillight. You can set up a maximum of 4 cameras, each one being connected to a specific taillight. If you like a backup camera that is super easy to install and extremely versatile, then the Yuesem 2nd 1080P is your best bet.

Camera Quality

Yusem 2nd backup camera records in full HD, at exceptional quality. During the night, the CCD sensor and the 18 IR lights kick in, enabling you to see extremely well what happens outside your vehicle.

This camera system benefits from IP6k waterproof rating, being able to sustain complete water submersion. Thus, you can use it without worrying about any weather conditions, even during heavy rains. It will have no problems whatsoever recording.

The camera records at a 149 degrees wide angle. That’s not as impressive as what other backup or dashcam cameras can record, but it’s fairly good. Consider the fact that you can use two or more cameras for this unit, so you can easily reach a field of vision of full 360 degrees.

So all in all, the camera’s viewing angle is more than satisfactory. However, what is truly special about this camera is that it manages to record extremely well, both during the day and night.

During the day, the colors are crisp and clear, not washed out. During the night, you can perfectly see anything behind you. The quality of this camera is far better than that of other competitors in its price range.

Moreover, the camera is built to last a lifetime. The build quality is all-metal and waterproof, which is ten times better than the cheap plastic used in modern surveillance cameras.

Thanks to the full waterproof rating, you can even use this camera for your boat. When your boat is trailed, you can use the camera to view the image of your vehicle. You can also use the camera on your boat when navigating at sea, but you need to ensure that the voltage is compatible.

Yuesem 2nd Camera Kit Has Flawless Night Vision

When you’re driving through tunnels, the IR lights kick on immediately, so the camera switches to night vision in an instant. As a result, you get to experience great recordings, with clear images. It takes the camera less than a second to turn on the IR lights based on the ambient lighting, so you’ll not miss any important details on the road.

When parking during the night, the camera assists you by enabling you to turn on the parking lines. You can do that from the settings menu, and automatically program the camera to show the parking lines when parking.

The monitor offers you a wide range of view settings. For instance, you can choose to turn the backup lines on and off. You can also flip the image and see it in the mirror or facing, depending on your needs.

One of the choices is to see the image full screen, from just the main camera. Or, just split the screen in half or even split it in four. For the quad screen, you can observe the footage of all four cameras.

Updated Wireless Signal

An aspect you will definitely love about the Yuesem 2nd 1080P backup camera is the fact that it is equipped with advanced technology for the wireless signal. The signal stays stable even when driving at high speeds on the interstate.

You won’t need to experience any more flickers, signal loss, or signal on & off. The signal is quite stable, even at high speeds. It’s comparable to the stability and quality of the wired cameras, and sometimes even better.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

The manufacturer is very vocal about customer satisfaction. Yuesem is offering 30 days money-back guarantee to all of their customers who purchase this camera system. Additionally, they offer an extended 16-months replacement warranty.

During this time, they replace for free any backup system parts that are malfunctioning.

Yusem 2nd Technical Support

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