Zeroxclub W01 Backup Camera No Interference IP69 Waterproof

Zeroxclub W01 is a modern backup camera with impressive features. It offers 100% no interference, has 18 infrared lights for a flawless recording experience during the night and is extremely easy to install.

Parking your RV could prove to be an impossible task, especially when the space is tight, and the light is not enough. Fortunately, the Zeroxclub W01 camera can make it easy for you to park your vehicle. And it works on any type of vehicle: RV, truck, semi, bus, or 5th wheeler.

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Of course, just like every other model of the backup camera released in 2018, Zeroxclub W01 has its own share of drawbacks. Its main drawback is the connectivity. Before taking a look at how this model could impress you, let’s share some of its negative aspects.

Zeroxclub W01 – What You Might not Like

With the Zeroxclub, you get maximum connectivity of 40 feet. However, the quality gets shaky after just 37 feet. As most RVs or motor homes have an average body of 45 feet, you won’t be able to get a steady transmission. The transmission is quite shaky at more than 37 feet.

Conversely, other backup cameras in the same price range come with better transmission ranges. For example, Auto Vox W2 can get up to 300 feet in open range and over 50 feet in a closed space such as RVs.

What You Might Like

Nevertheless, the Zeroxclub W01 has many more positive aspects than drawbacks. In addition to the flawless night vision, this backup camera comes with an upgraded 7” monitor, CMOS sensor, 600 lines resolution, and waterproof standard. It records at 140 degrees and can be easily powered at your cigarette lighter socket.

The 18 infrared sensors make it more effective than any other backup camera released so far. Zeroxclub W01 is even better than the Xroose camera, a camera renowned for its 12 IR LEDs.

Setting It Up

Setting up the Zeroxclub backup camera is extremely simple. All you need to do is to drill a 12mm hole near the back light and fasten the camera using the screws in the accessory box. Then set up the screen on your dashboard by connecting it to your cigarette lighter and you are ready to go.

Note that this system does not include any additional components, such as a wireless transmitter. It’s just the screen and the camera, plus an antenna on the screen that connects the camera to your screen.

What you will definitely love about this backup camera is that the entire setup process takes no more than 3 minutes. If you are like most of us busy adults, you will greatly appreciate the time you have left for other tasks.

Zeroxclub W01 – Waterproof Rating

Zeroxclub W01 benefits from an IP60 waterproof rating. Even if this device is not designed for extreme weather, it allows you to drive safely from Florida to California in any weather. However, it’s not safe enough to go to Alaska, Siberia, or in the desert.

Recording Quality

The recording quality of Zeroxclub W01 is really good. The effective pixel range is 960 x 576. That’s quite a lot when compared to other cameras present on the market. Only the Toguard camera is better. It has 700 TV lines than just the 600 offered by Zeroxclub.

Zeroxclub W01 – How to Extend the Signal

Finding a signal booster is quite a difficult task. If you would like to enjoy great images when using this device on a longer vehicle, your best bet is to move the cable antenna closer to the monitor. You can look online for “RP-SMA Male”, a type of cable that allows you to extend the range of your antenna.

High-Quality Product

Zeroxclub W01 offers very good signal quality even when your car speeds up at over 75 miles per hour. This product is made of high-quality materials and is built to last a lifetime.

You will certainly love how the Zeroxclub backup camera is constructed. You’ll also appreciate the digital wireless certification that offers stable image quality at high speeds.

Final Words

Zeroxclub W01 has been quite an appreciated backup camera since it was released back in July 2018. At 3.96 pounds, this system offers flawless recordings, even when you drive at very high speeds. That is really helpful, especially if you like to drive on the interstate.

Setting up this device is a breeze. Moreover, using it when backing up the RV is very useful, especially during the night. However, the biggest benefit of buying the Zeroxclub is the lifetime support you get. In addition to the 30 days, money-back guarantee and the extended replacement warranty for over 12 months, you get constant support from the manufacturer.

This means you can call them at any hour during day or night and they will be more than pleased to help solve your problem. Use the Zeroxclub backup system to accommodate a multitude of large vehicles and trailers thanks to its 12-24V DC Power.