ZSMJ Digital Wireless Backup Camera Waterproof Night Vision

ZSMJ digital wireless backup camera | The monitor has split-screen ability | 4-way video Input CH1/CH2/CH3/CH4 | This digital wireless backup camera designed with 16 infrared light and CCD sensor | You can still watch 50 feet vision even in a dark environment | and more …

ZSMJ digital wireless backup camera is a standard, modern digital camera that works perfectly for vehicles under 70 feet. This unit offers open field transmissions of over 450 feet and works flawlessly for trucks, buses, RVs, or pickups as long as 80 feet in length.

Thanks to the incorporated digital signal transmission, you can enjoy wireless recordings without having to install any type of cable inside your vehicle. At the same time, you can use it on an open field to supervise an activity done by your employees or to keep a close eye on your kids.

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The screen of this unit is full HD, similar to the screen offered by Fookoo FHD1. Both cameras enable you to enjoy full HD quality and to view any details to perfection. In this ZSMJ backup camera review, we will take a closer look at the top features and specs of this unit.

We will also try to help you determine if this unit would make a good buy for you in 2019 or you should look for other top backup cameras available in 2019.

ZSMJ Digital Wireless Backup Camera Overview

The camera from ZSMJ is a dual-channel backup system with a 7” large monitor. It offers clear recordings, both during the day and night. At night, its 24 LED IR sensors work to offer you flawless recordings.

The monitor comes with 3 unique mounts, so you can easily install the system on the windshield, dash, or on a fixed position. ZSMJ backup camera is 100% safe to use and complies with all CE/FCC/UL/RoHS standards. It also complies with IK69 weatherproof standards.

The effective resolution of the screen is 800 TV lines. The lens viewing angle is 150 degrees, and the power range is 12V-24V.

ZSMJ – Design & Installation

The ZSMJ digital wireless backup camera does not really stand out of the crowd in terms of design. It looks fairly stable and can easily complement any interior design. The all-black finish could work in any setting and is very good at night. People from outside the vehicle won’t be able to see that you are recording them.

In terms of installation, this camera comes with all the tools & extensions needed for flawless installation. It even has an extra antenna with 12 feet cable extension and a magnet base for enhancing the signal. Thus, you can use it for long trucks.

What you will love about this unit is that it is one of the few backup cameras on the market to work for vehicles up to 80 feet in length. Most other backup cameras do not work for vehicles longer than 50 feet.

With ZSMJ wireless backup system, you can enjoy a stable signal even if you use it on extra-long trucks of 75-80 feet.

 Recording Quality

ZSMJ’s camera can record anything behind your truck at a wide range of 150 degrees. If you need more, you can try out the Coolwoo dual backup camera. This amazing unit from Coolwoo offers you an extended 175 degrees of viewing angle. If you use both cameras at the same time, you get 350 degrees of vision.

That’s almost 360 degrees. Coolwoo is the best when it comes to recording quality and field of view, there is no doubt about that.

Nevertheless, ZSMJ digital wireless backup system has its own strong points too. The image is quite good during the day and exceptional during the night. The 24 IR sensors kick in, offering improved contrast and enhanced brightness.

The 6 lens and advanced image processor tune the image and make it better, especially during hot days.

ZSMJ Digital Wireless Backup Camera – Double Channel

This backup camera released in July 2018 is equipped with a modern monitor that lets you use the dual channel feature. You get two separate channels, so you can use the camera both as a front view or rear view camera.

Thanks to the dual-channel, you can easily install another camera and see both cameras on the screen. However, note that ZSMJ wireless backup system comes in the package with just one camera.

 Super Stable Signal

One of the strongest points about this backup camera is the super stable signal. Its wireless signal gives you flawless connection, with zero interferences, flickers, or loss of signal. It works perfectly for vehicles up to 80 feet in length.

You get to enjoy very good signals even when driving on the interstate, with more than 70 mph. For more than 70 mph, you may experience a loss of signal and flickers, especially if you are driving a long vehicle.

ZSMJ Digital Wireless Backup Camera – Guide Lines

ZSMJ backup camera enables you to enjoy several types of guide lines. You can turn them on and off, or use mirror/rear-facing lines.

These guide lines are extremely helpful when parking, especially during the night.

ZSMJ Digital Wireless Backup Camera – Conclusion

Whether you want to use it on a long vehicle or on a shorter one, the ZSMJ backup camera system works exceptionally well to keep you safe and enable you to park easily. You can also use it successfully to record events outside your camper, keep a close look at your kids in the backyard or even protect your property from intruders.