FHD 1080P high resolution and sensitive screen | 170-degree wide-angle view | 10-inch Media Touch Screen Display | Dual lens synchronized recording | 24 Hours Parking Monitor | and more …

Tekbow backup camera 10 “ is a gorgeous device that comes with the biggest touch screen monitor you’ve ever seen in a dash cam. This backup system was just released in October 2018. However, it is poised to become a serious contender for the title of the Best backup camera system of 2019.

It is equipped with a multitude of features. From motion detection and 24 hours parking monitor to ADAS, G-sensor, and loop recording, this backup camera is quite similar to a dashboard camera.

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In this Tekbow backup camera 10 ” review, we will dive deeper into the features and specs of this device. Our goal is to help you determine if this backup system is a good buy for you.

Tekbow 10 “, as its name indicates, is equipped with a super large 10” monitor which clamps over the existing rear view mirror.

Tekbow Backup Camera 10 ” – Design and Usability

The first thing you will notice about this device is the super large TFT screen. The 10” LCD is the largest screen ever released for a dashboard camera or backup camera.

Most other backup systems, including the well-famed AUTO VOX Wireless Reverse Camera Kit, have only a small monitor of around 4.3”. Only half of the screen is used in most cases. But not for our backup camera system.

The Tekbow backup camera makes the most out of its space to give you a gorgeous 10” large display. The design of this unit is just fantastic. It could very well win a beauty design contest.

The unique front camera design enables you to enjoy exquisite images. All you need to do is clamp the screen over your original rear view mirror. The original mirror is not harmed, while the induction wiper is not affected in any way.

This backup camera, in addition to having a smooth, high-quality built, prides itself on its usability. It starts recording the moment you turn on the ignition, and it automatically switches to park mode when you go in reverse. Its smart features help you save time and enjoy increased comfort in your car.

Tekbow Backup Camera 10 ” – Media Streaming

One of the top features of this device released in October 2018 is the media streaming function. Tekbow backup camera 10 has the capability to display both the front and rear stream at the same time. Basically, you get to see what is happening in front and in the back at once.

This feature is extremely useful, especially if you want to keep tabs on what is happening outside your vehicle. You can never be too sure, so you need to be protected at all times.

WDR & Recording Quality

In terms of recording quality, you will love the fact that both Tekbows cameras record at full HD. You can enjoy high-clarity images in 1080p. The WDR works to adjust the exposure and balance brightness, so you get to enjoy even smoother images.

You get quite a comfortable view, especially when riding through tunnels or places with low brightness.

Tekbow Backup Camera 10 ” – Full Touchscreen

Of course, you can’t but fall in love with the super HD touch screen. Tekbow backup camera 10 allows you to immerse yourself in the gorgeous world of technology. You can control all functions without pressing any buttons, but by simply touching and swiping the screen.

Very few backup cameras can boast with this feature. Not even the well-famed BOSCAM K2 Wireless Backup Camera possesses this.

Thanks to the simple interface, you can easily control all features and operate the backup system. Note that Tekbow comes with a built-in speaker and has a viewing angle of 170 degrees.

Tekbow Backup Camera 10 ” – Smart Features

Tekbow backup camera 10 ” is not your average backup system. This is also one of the first backup cameras that are equipped with smart features.

This unit comes with integrated ADAS. More specifically, it offers you an LDWS – lane departing warning system. If you deviate off course, the system senses that and triggers an alarm. This feature could save your life if you fall asleep at the wheel.

Tekbow also comes with the GPS function embedded. It accurately stores your location and enables you to revisit places you enjoyed.

Parking Was Never Easier

Since this is a backup camera, Tekbow works best when you park. The waterproof & adjustable camera in the rear can record at full 170 degrees. You have a super wide-angle to work with.

Even if you have no parking skills whatsoever, parking your car from now on will be a breeze with the Tekbow backup camera 10.

In order for the system to automatically display the rear camera when in park mode, remember to connect the red line to the rear lights.

Loop Recording, G-Sensor and Parking Monitor

Three other exceptionally useful features this unit possesses are loop recording, G-sensor, and parking monitor. These are features present in most dashboard cameras. However, they are not available in many backup cameras.

The feature we want to focus on is park monitoring. After you leave the car, the camera gets into standby mode. Once it detects someone trying to break into your car or detects a crash, both cameras start recording immediately.

This feature could save you thousands of dollars in the long run, by protecting you from hit-and-runs and from thieves.

The Tekbow is a modern backup camera that looks exquisite, comes with a vast range of features, and is designed to protect you and your dear ones. It could definitely make for quite a good backup system in 2019 and beyond.