Xroose FY04 Backup Camera | 7”1080P HD Monitor DVR Recorder | Xroose Rearview Camera Touch Button | Taking pictures and recording functions | IP69K waterproof | and more …

Let’s talk about what does Xroose FY04 Backup camera offer? Does it live up to the expectations of the users? This backup camera system embraces advanced technology and some novel features to offer maximum benefits for the users.

The wide-angle view and digital wireless technology make it one of the best choices available. You can also find sensitive touch buttons, a high-definition monitor, and a multi-screen display on this Xroose model. The positive customer reviews reassert the quality of this device.

Backup Camera and 7''1080P HD Monitor DVR Recorder...
  • · 【1080P screen & sensitive touch...
  • · 【Rich functions(record/take...
  • · 【3.0 night vision, IP69K waterproof -4 ~ 176...
  • · 【Easy installation,Suit for most vehicle...
  • · 【Comprehensive After-sales Service】Quality...

If you compare this Xroose FY04 Backup camera to the Xroose X2 model, the recording function of the former clearly stands out. However, the view angle of the Xroose 2 model stands taller at 170 degrees compared to 150 degrees of the Xroose FY04 camera.

The launching date of the Xroose FY04 camera was January 17, 2020. The manufacturer, Xroose has made committed efforts to incorporate maximum features into this latest version. This backup camera weighs 7.92 pounds. The package dimensions are 12.5 x 8.9 x 7 inches.

Let us use this Xroose FY04 backup camera review to unveil the features and benefits of this product without any bias. You can read this review to get honest information about this product. Our aim is to help you make an informed buying decision.

Xroose FY04 Camera – Design

The design is well-appreciated by a large number of users. You don’t need to worry about it compromising the look and function of your vehicle. On the contrary, the industrial design of this backup camera system takes the look and functionality to a new level.

Advanced Monitor and Sensitive Touch Buttons

When it comes to choosing a backup camera system, most people look for a user-friendly and responsive monitor. You can find an advanced and responsive monitor on this device.

The screen size is 7 inches and the resolution of the screen is 1920×1080. You can come across a capacitive touch screen on the Xroose FY04 backup camera. It makes use of a separate chip to process data effectively.

The sensitive touch buttons make this device extremely user-friendly. The monitor can be switched to any camera with ease and comfort.

Sophisticated Flexible Camera and The Excellent Viewing Experience

Let’s see what exactly this backup camera offers. The picture quality can be termed as sharp and colorful. It displays more details to make sure that you can see all objects clearer when driving your vehicle.

You can take pictures while driving using this backup camera system. It also provides high-quality recording functions. These features make sure that you are not going to miss any scenery on the journey.

Also, you can flip the images easily. They can also be switched to one or several with great ease. This rearview camera allows you to perform all these tasks by simply touching the buttons.

High Memory and Outstanding Reversing and Mirroring Functions

This Xroose FY04 model comes with a 32G memory card. You can record hundreds of hours of video using the recording function of this smart device.

You can also come across highly vibrant mirroring, and reversing functions along with parking lines on this product. These flexible functions accommodate the habits of different drivers perfectly.

You can expect an enjoyable and comfortable driving experience when you install this backup camera system on your vehicle.

Outstanding Performance During Hostile Conditions with Xroose FY04 Backup Camera

The 3.0-night vision makes this camera highly functional during dark conditions. The IP69K waterproof is another remarkable feature that can be associated with the Xroose FY04 backup camera.

This wired rearview camera stays highly functional even in heavy downpours. You can find the road, vehicle, and other objects clearly. The fog and temperature-resistance ability of this product is extremely appreciable.

Honestly, you can come across an environmentally friendly anti-rust coating feature on this top-quality device. It is capable of working between -4and 176 temperature levels. The LED lighting of this product offers clear images day and night.

Highly Suitable For a Wide Range of Vehicles

Xroose FY04 backup camera can be used on most 12-24V vehicles. No matter whether you own a car, pickup, RV, van, truck, trailer, camper, or van you can buy this one to ensure safe and comfortable parking and reversing experience.

Easy, Fast, and Hassle-Free Installation

Professional expertise is not required when it comes to installing this camera. You can use a cable to connect the camera to the screen. Anyone can mount it by following easy-to-understand instructions.

If you experience any issues during the installation, you can contact the customer support team to talk to a technician. The technician will clearly explain what to do after listening to your doubts or complaints.

Warranty and Customer Support

As a trustworthy manufacturer of backup cameras, Xroose focuses on delivering 100% customer satisfaction. Best quality assurance is what you can expect from this company. All buyers are eligible for a 12-month replacement assurance.

You can also expect lifetime support when you buy the Xroose FY04 backup camera. The customer support team responds to your needs immediately. You can expect to receive an answer or solution within 24 hours.


  • The picture quality is sharp and colorful
  • The capacitive touch screen and sensitive touch buttons make this device user-friendly
  • An Excellent recording feature with rich functions
  • Excellent industrial design
  • Advanced protective features


  • No wireless feature is available
  • The view angle is slightly lesser compared to some high-end models
  • This model is compatible only with 12-24 vehicles

Xroose FY04 Camera – Final Words

There are many different types of backup camera systems available on the market today. Do you want to buy a reliable and high-performing device for your car, truck, trailer, RV, or camper? You can choose the Xroose FY04 backup camera.

This device comes with a wide view HD camera, 3.0 color night vision technology, capacitive touch screen, and large memory. You can also find beneficial features such as high-quality video recording, admirable weather resistance, and environment-friendly anti-rust coating on this device.

The bottom line is that the Xroose FY04 model enhances your driving experience comprehensively.