Zeroxclub WX02 | Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit | IP69 Waterproof | Backup camera No Interference | HD 7 Inches Monitor | 18 Infrared Lights and CCD Sensor | and more…

The Zeroxclub WX02 is a modern, sleek, and very nice-looking backup camera. This 2nd generation camera is the upgraded version of the world-renowned Zeroxclub W01. WX02 looks better, offers a better signal, it’s easier to install, and offers a much better recording experience.

This new backup camera that has just been launched at the end of 2018 is perfect for any type of vehicle. You can use it for anything from sedans and pickups to larger vehicles like trailers, RVs, 5th wheelers, and buses.

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You can even use it for industrial vehicles such as backhoe loaders, bulldozers, dump trucks, harvesters, or even excavators.

Zeroxclub WX02 Backup Camera – Overview

The Zeroxclub WX02 is a slim backup camera equipped with a multitude of cool features. We are big fans of its 7” large TFT screen, digital signal point-to-point camera and German certified signal receiver. We also love the wide 140-degree gold point of view, updated glass lens, and 360-degree camera adjustment.

Other useful aspects that you will find on this camera are the 18 infrared lights, the IP69 waterproof standard, and flexible 12-24V compatibility. In this Zeroxclub WX02 review, we will take a deeper look at all the aspects and features of this backup camera. We will also highlight its pros and cons in order to help you make a well-informed decision before buying this product.

Smooth & Strong Design

The first thing you will notice about this backup camera from Zeroxclub is the smooth, black finish. You will love both the rearview camera and the monitor. The all-black design can easily complement any type of vehicle and can boost its appeal.

No matter what vehicle you own, the Zeroxclub WX02 will work amazingly well with it. You can rest assured that everyone will notice the cool addition you’ve got.

However, note that this backup camera is not a good option for you if you want an unobtrusive backup camera. You should not choose this camera or the Xroose X2 backup camera if you want to stay hidden from privy eyes, but you should go with something else. A good model is the BOSCAM K2, a unit that mounts over the existing rearview mirror.

Setting it Up

Another aspect you will enjoy about this backup camera is how easy it is to set it up. First off, you need to install the monitor. Put it in the center of your dashboard and connect it to your cigarette lighter. Then turn it on.

Second, move in the back. Drill a hole in the back of your vehicle, either in the upper center or on the license plate. Secure the camera to the hole using the screws in the package. Next, connect the black wire to the negative pole and the red wire to the spotlight 12V or 24V.

After you’ve done the above, everything that remains to be done is to turn on the camera and it will connect automatically with the monitor.

Monitor & Camera Features

Both the monitor and the camera come with impressive features made to increase your security and utility. Let’s start with the monitor.

The large 7” LCD monitor offers a resolution of 600 TV lines, with effective pixels 960 x 576. That is above average compared to other similar backup cameras on the market.

The monitor is quite slim and offers HD super sharp images. As for the camera, you need to know that the set includes 2 separate cameras. The case on the cameras is rock solid and it looks like they will last forever. You can mount one camera on the outside in the rear, and another one on the inside. Thus, you will be able to get 2 separate images.

What you will definitely love about the cameras is that they can be adjusted 360 degrees. You can manually adjust them so they fit your preferences. You can personalize your recording angle so that you will always be in control of your vehicle.

You can mount one cam on the sideways and another cam on the other side. You can set them up however you like. The great news is that you can easily take down the system from one vehicle and mount it on another one.

That is equally true for commercial or industrial users, who want only one Zeroxclub WX02 backup camera system for more heavy vehicles or heavy machines.

Advanced Wireless Technology

Another aspect that makes the Zeroxclub WX02 backup camera system stand out from the crowd is the German digital signal receiver. The monitor is built and certified using the EU digital certification. It receives signals from up to 70 feet away.

Moreover, the signal is stable even for speeds of over 75 mph. That makes the WX02 backup camera from Zeroxclub ideal for vehicles that travel on the interstate.

Zeroxclub WX02 Backup Camera – Better Images

The 2 cameras come with updated recording technology. The glass lenses are high-class, and the images recorded are never deformed by exposure. You get to enjoy clearer footage from cameras that work perfectly in any weather condition.

Zeroxclub WX02 Backup Camera – Conclusion

And last but not least, you get to enjoy the 18 infrared lights for superior night vision. You can now park in any weather, regardless of light conditions. You will no longer be affected by external factors when using this backup camera made by Zeroxclub.